3 Ways to Make Your Kids' Rooms Their Favorite Place

Written by: Penny Siml on Monday, February 08, 2016

Check out these ways to make your kids' rooms their favorite place.

We've all seen kids' rooms with themes like princesses, sports, and animals. While those are a great way to make your kids enjoy their space, consider taking it a step further. Here are 3 ways to make your kids' rooms their favorite place in the house.


1. Keep Them Active


What active things do your kids like to do? Think of a way to incorporate these into their bedrooms! Just because it's a "bed"room doesn't mean it has to simply be a place for them to sleep.


What if you build a climbing wall into the room? You could even make it a way to get to their lofted bed. Have you seen that adorable video of a toddler using a climbing wall in her home? You could build a basic wall like the one in the video or work with a designer to build a larger, more complex wall.


What about bringing the playground equipment indoors? Adding a swing in your kids' rooms would make playing when it's raining, snowing, or even just dark outside much easier. Besides, how awesome would your kids' friends think they (and you) are? If you're worried about your kids outgrowing the swing, consider adding the swing in a way that they will always enjoy it. Make it comfortable so your kids can sit and read while swinging. Place it in front of a window so they can take a minute to relax. 


There are several other things you could build in to your kids' rooms to make then more than just "bed"rooms and keep them active! Make sure you talk to your builder about ideas and the safest way to go about the project.



2. Let Them Use Their Imaginations


What's more exciting to your kids than going on an adventure and exploring? Build features in to your kids' rooms that will allow them to be explorers, detectives, and whatever else they can dream to be. Think outside the norm and build in a "secret" door in the floor. Of course, you don't want a trap door that your kid could hide in or get hurt playing with. So, make it just large enough for your kids to store their "treasures". You could also build an alcove as an area to built a fort, cave, secret hideout, or whatever else your kids can imagine. 


I'm sure you've seen the chalk wall trend, but have you thought of using an entire wall as an art space? Let's see what we can add to that wall to make it the ultimate art space:


•a built-in desk with storage cubbies for supplies

•magnetic chalk paint so your kids can use magnets to play with as well as hang their finished art pieces

•a built-in easel with large enough surface area for your kids to clip their papers and not paint on the walls (of course washable paint may still be a good idea)

•decorative peg board so you can easily hang containers for easy access to things like chalk, crayons, and paint brushes


What other ideas do you have to add to the room that would let your kids use their imaginations? Ask your builder how to make it happen!



3. Incorporate Technology


You can add a climbing wall, a swing, and a trap door to your kid's rooms, but what would top it off? Awesome technology!


Remember in Fahrenheit 451 when all of the walls in the houses were TV screens? It seemed like an impossibility twenty years ago, but we're not too far off! Install a projector to display on a wall. Your kids can have movie parties and video game tournaments. Add an amazing sound system and your kids will never want to leave their rooms! 


Remember when you were a kid and you had to have those glow in the dark stars on your ceiling? They were pretty awesome, right? Well, what about a ceiling with fiberoptic "stars". Here is a visual so you can see how amazing they look. Ceiling stars have come a long way!


What other amazing ideas do you have to make your kids' rooms more than just a pretty room with a theme? Your kids' rooms will be so awesome, when they hear "go to your room" it won't be a punishment. Maybe you'll have to start banishing them to garage.
Talk to your builder! We'd love to hear your ideas!


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