4 Advantages to build a Healthy Home

Written by: Penny Siml on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Building a healthy home means everyone in your home will enjoy a healthier life.

One of the greatest advantages for building a custom home is that you can literally create the healthiest environment for your family from the ground up. Older homes can have hidden problems with mold, lack of new energy efficient appliances, air systems, and much more. With the amount of allergies and environmental issues on the rise these interventions are important to keep your family happy and healthy. Here are 4 advantages to building a healthy home for you and your family.


Energy Efficient Appliances, Windows and Doors Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

You may pay a little more up front but by incorporating energy efficient appliances windows and doors into your home from the very beginning you will waste less of the earth’s resources when running them. Quality windows and doors will keep cold and hot air from exiting and entering the home when it’s not desired and create less waste of energy overall. Advanced sealing techniques in these products will help prevent unwanted air leakage.

Improve Air Quality Inside the Home  Reduces Allergies and Sickness

Did you know that indoor air quality can be worse than outside air quality in almost every case? Fumes from combustion devices, gas fired appliances, pet dander, dust mites and mold can lower the air quality inside your home. Building an air purification system into your home with HEPA filters that are properly designed to handle the size of every room in your house is a great advantage to building from the ground up.

Non Toxic and Sustainable Materials will Require Less Maintenance Over Time.

Using advanced framing techniques improves your homes energy performance while still meeting building code requirements resulting in a more durable and sturdy home. Also using low VOC materials with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) reduce the amount of chemicals released. Lastly building with mold resistant materials will protect from decomposition and extend the life of those materials.

Your Custom Home Will Retain it's Value

One study found that new homes with third-party certifications for sustainability and energy efficiency sold for 8 percent more on average! In addition to building a healthy home that is both sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly is an attractive selling asset to buyers. Especially buyers who value these attributes in a home.

If you would like to find out more how you can work with us on building a healthy custom home for you and your family contact Carrington Homes today.


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