Common Oversights When Designing a Custom Home

Written by: Penny Siml on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Designing a custom home is all about YOU. How many rooms YOU need, the style YOU desire, the space YOU want. Spend time planning each feature of your home to best suit your needs. Future homeowners sometimes overlook small details of their home that could make a huge difference in the long run. Here are some commonly overlooked features that should be considered when planning a custom home. YOU deserve to be satisfied in the long run.

Power Placement

Are extension cords on your must-have list? Didn't think so.

Don’t overlook the placement of outlets and switches in your home. It seems like a minor part of home design but can cause endless frustration if poorly planned. Determine furniture placement ahead of time to help select ideal locations for power sources. Don’t forget appliances too! Consider adding a few extra outlets just in case. This way, you can guarantee easy access to power anywhere in your home.

Forever Flooring

Dented, dirty floors won’t be attractive in your custom home after you’ve lived there for a few years. Instead, choose floors that will last a lifetime.

Determine the purpose and estimated use of each room to pick lasting flooring. Have kids? Go for tile for the bathroom floor and walls for easy cleaning. Carpet? Choose a dense pad with a protective film barrier to absorb impact, provide insulation, and minimize spill damage. Want wood? Choose the proper type and stain to ensure longevity. Tile? Consider adding heated flooring.

Don’t resist the luxuries you’d always imagined in your custom home. Designing your home the way you always imagined now will save you later and provide the comfort you want. You won’t want to deal with renovations in the future, so get it all done now.

Frequently Used Spaces

Where do you really spend the most time in your home?

Most likely, it’s the kitchen. Or the family room. It’s easy to overlook the details of these frequently used spaces while dreaming of extra additions to the home. Spend time carefully planning the shape, color, and materials used in these rooms. You will want to enjoy every minute in your home, so design spaces you love! Include a fun backsplash in the kitchen. Choose tall ceilings and windows for plenty of natural light in the family room. Choose features that will keep you smiling for years to come.

Timeless Trends

Marble countertops. Stone fireplaces. Walk-in closets. Neutral walls. Some trends never go out of style.

Will you like it a year from now? Will it need remodeling later to fit the times? Keep these questions in mind when deciding how to style your home to maintain longevity. Choose classic trends that remain appealing throughout the years. Design a custom home where you can grow old, but the style will not.

Function vs. Fancy

Selecting appliances and additions to your home should balance function and fancy. Decide what is the most durable, realistic option for your family and then stylize it. Take, for example, this common dilemma.

Ceiling Fan vs. Chandelier

Even with AC, ceiling fans are a must during warm summers. An elaborate light fixture may look nice in the master bedroom, but it won’t matter if you can’t sleep in the heat. But don’t worry, you don’t have to completely sacrifice style. Choose a ceiling fan that draws attention and accents the room, or choose one that blends into the ceiling and doesn’t distract from your decor.

Style will draw you to a home, but comfort will keep you there.

Don’t save it for later.

We can just add on later. Sound familiar?

Upgrading after construction can be more difficult than you may think. The features on your must-have list are there for a reason. Don’t make sacrifices that will lead to additional costs in the future. Your finished home should be EXACTLY what you want. We want you feeling satisfied, not longing for upgrades and regretting design choices. People more often regret the upgrades they didn’t add over the ones that they did. Make sure that you are completely content with your design and won’t be left wanting more from your custom home.

Dream up you’re perfect home with all the right features and we’ll help you take the next steps in planning every nook and cranny.Contact our professional designers and let’s get started!




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