Designing a Kid Friendly Custom Home

Written by: Penny Siml on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

When it comes to designing your dream home, there is so much you have to keep in mind. Throwing kids into the mix means there is even more to consider. Thankfully, experienced Indiana custom home builders can help you design a kid-friendly custom home that everyone in your family will absolutely love.

To help you get started thinking about your kid friendly custom home, check out some of these ideas:

Choose indestructible materials and finishes to avoid damage.

Let’s be honest, kids can be pretty rough on a custom home. From coloring on walls to jumping on the couches you just purchased, kids have a habit of finding creative uses for everything in your home. One way to design a kid-friendly custom home is to use more durable materials. For example, choose stainless steel in the kitchen. It might show fingerprints, but it’s much more difficult to dent. Wipeable paint makes cleaning up wall messes a breeze and blinds keep windows protected.

Purchase furniture that is made to last.

Like we mentioned, kids may end up jumping on your furniture like it’s an indoor trampoline, but that doesn’t mean you should scrimp. Cheaper furniture has the habit of breaking much easier and quicker than nicer furniture. Instead, purchase couches made to be stain-resistant, use furniture with rounded corners, and have your custom home builder install durable countertops that won’t show wear and tear.

Create spaces for kids to spend time in and enjoy.

When you build a kid-friendly custom home, you have the perfect opportunity to create spaces specifically designed for kids. Think about spaces beyond their bedrooms. Do they need a study zone, so they can get their homework done efficiently? What about a playroom for all of their toys? Another great space is an entertainment room where they can hang out with friends, watch movies, and play their favorite video games.

Incorporate storage options throughout the home.

When you have a family, clutter is bound to happen. The trick to not letting it take over your entire home is to have storage options all over your custom home. Use baskets in corners, slide boxes onto open shelves, and turn closet floors into usable spaces. If you have large bay windows, why not have your custom home builder install bench seats with storage? Storage options can easily be incorporated in the design and the decor of your home, so cleaning up and decluttering is a breeze.

These are only a small handful of the ways you can make your future custom home kid friendly. When you start working with custom home builders like Carrington Homes, you’ll notice how much the builders pay attention to the details. When you mention you have kids, the builder should start thinking of ways you can make your home as kid friendly as possible!

Are you ready to sit down and talk about your custom home ideas? Carrington Homes is ready to listen! Contact us today.



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