​How to Stay On Schedule When Building Your Custom Home

Written by: Leisha Jenkins on Monday, July 23, 2018


            The selection process for your new custom home should be enjoyable and exciting! But this process quickly turns stressful when delays push back the move-in date. The good thing about designing a custom home is that the look of the home is completely in your hands. You select the shape, size, layout, color, and complete design that best suits you. In the end, the home is completely unique to your family. 

            While this level of customization is one of the reasons you chose to build a custom home in the first place, it quickly becomes overwhelming. You may be hesitant to make permanent decisions for your home, but to stick to the schedule, you have to stick to a schedule. Falling behind on selections puts your end date at risk. We want to help you understand the selection schedule and give you tools to move into your beautiful custom home on time.

            A selection schedule is developed depending on the construction schedule. Building your house is carefully scheduled based on the availability of each person involved. When this schedule has to be altered, it brings major delays to the construction process. Schedules must be reevaluated and completion dates may be pushed back. If you don’t select materials ahead of time, then the builders cannot proceed with construction. Here are some tips to help you stay on schedule when designing your custom home.


            Trust the Process

            One common misconception of many future homeowners is that you have to make all the selections before construction begins. You don’t! But you do have to keep up with decisions throughout the process.

            Certain selections, mostly regarding the interior of the home, can be made during construction. There will be time built into your selection schedule for pricing, packaging, and shipping if necessary, but there is no time for procrastination. Trust that your home builder has carefully developed a schedule to get your home completed as efficiently as possible. Make selections according to this schedule and don’t fall behind! If you’re overwhelmed with choices, ask your builder to help narrow down the options for you. It’s better to ask for help than ask when the new completion date will be. We have lots of experience and expertise we’d love to share!

            Look it up!

            We understand that life gets busy. We’re here to make the selection process as easy as possible.

            Researching ahead of time helps us understand how we can best tailor the home to your needs. It also helps you determine what kind of style you want in your new home. If you come to us with ideas, we can contact our vendors and find materials similar to those you’re looking for. Additionally, many vendors have online catalogs that you can peruse. Not only will this speed up selection, but allows you plenty of time to choose what you love. Here’s a list of selections you may want to start considering.

            Exterior Selections:

            Roof color

            Type of roofing

            Type of brick/siding

            Garage door styles

            Exterior doors



            Interior Selections:

            • Flooring
            • Paint
            • Hardware
            • Interior doors
            • Countertops
            • Trim
            • Finishes


            Plan Ahead

            When choosing selections, make sure you look ahead and make sure that it will be a lasting decision for your family.

            Do you have pets or plan on having pets? What about kids? What will you do when grandma visits? Will you be entertaining friends? Will friends be staying at the house?

            These questions may impact everything from the flooring to the number of bedrooms included in your house. Plan ahead now so that you don’t have to reevaluate your floor plan down the road.

            One for the Books

            Don’t lose track of the selections you’ve made. Keep a careful record of each decision along the way.

            The last thing we want to do is build you a home that you aren’t happy with. If you visit a showroom, take a photo of the material or appliance you choose. Photos are also great if you need a bit more time to ponder your decision. Also, keep track of the product’s name or number. Having an organized record of your selections will help you picture the outcome of your home and make sure you’ll be happy with it for many years to come.

            Overall, the selection process should be exciting and enjoyable. After all, you’re designing your own custom home from scratch! Use these tips to make sure you keep up with your selection schedule without falling behind. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know! Ready to get started! Don’t worry, our team at Carrington is here to help you every single step of the way!

            Ready to get started and stay on schedule? Let’s schedule a consultation to start your dream home project! Let’s talk



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