10 Great Kitchen Design Ideas

Written by: Penny Siml on Monday, February 16, 2015


The kitchen is known to be the heart of any home. It's where we feed our families, connect with each other and even work. It is the hubspot of after school study sessions, where you start your mornings and finish your last meal. It's where you prepare birthday cakes, thanksgiving dinners, and your special recipes for memorable dinner parties and celebrations. With all of the activity that happens in your kitchen every day, it's important that the design is not only beautiful but functional. A great kitchen  design will maximize organization, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. So, without further ado, these are ten ideas to get you started on your perfect kitchen. 


Kitchen Island:


If there was a hub of the kitchen it would be the kitchen island. This is where food prep happens, family members grab a quick cup of coffee, have their morning meal, or hangout with friends getting an after school snack.  


For Form:

Place a beautiful granite counter top on your island to create a visual statement and a traditional feel.


Add a butcher block top if you are going for a cozy farmhouse feel.


If you are looking for a more contemporary feel add slick concrete counters.  


For Function: Add custom built in shelves in  the kitchen island  This is a perfect way to keep cookbooks close at hand and stored neatly. But do not limit yourself to housing only cookbooks there— novels can be a fun way to pass time while the bread is in the oven, and the kids can read through their favorite picture books as they eat their morning meal.   Organize Your Pots and pans   For Form:   For Function:   Consider creating a place to hang your pots and pans especially if you have invested in really beautiful and functional pieces. Each pot or pan will have it's place after it has been cleaned. Your pots and pans will be extremely easy to access for whatever dish your are preparing.     
  • 2.Stack shelves within cabinets. This offers the utmost efficiency for storage space.

  • 3.Install a lid organizer on the inside of a cabinet door. Your stray lids no longer have to be clanging cymbals that are scattered pell-mell around the cupboard.

4.To navigate those awkward corner spaces, use a Lazy Susan

  • 4.Install glideware in your cupboards. Bring your pans into the light of day by simply sliding them out. You can clearly see and access the pans you need.

Add a pop-up shelf in one of your cabinets. This could be used for appliances such as a standing mixer, which may not be your idea of a fashion statement.

And why not try pop-up outlets? This can be a great aesthetic touch; no more electrical frowny faces in the middle of your decorating scheme. Furthermore, the ability to “pop-down” the outlets is layer of protection for young children who may not yet know the danger of electricity. Create a media cabinet. Do not miss out on Super Bowl because you have to prepare dinner!

  • 6.Add labels outside or inside drawers. You will not have to wonder where to put away your utensils, nor where to find them. Labeling will make your kitchen user-friendly, and your guests will thank you.

  • By customizing your kitchen with these little tricks, you will suddenly find the place to be so much more accessible, beautiful, and even enjoyable. At long last, you and your kitchen can work together.


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