Smart Devices For Your Smart House

Written by: Penny Siml on Monday, May 14, 2018



There’s a new conversation taking place in millions of homes throughout the world, and it always starts with ‘Alexa’.


‘Alexa, turn on the lights’

‘Alexa, set a timer’

‘Alexa, turn off the tv’


Sound familiar?

With smart technology in your home, you can do just about anything with the sound of your voice. As technology gets more sophisticated, there are options for making a home smarter. New technology makes things just a little easier day to day, but the best way to make this technology work for you and your home is to plan ahead, and consider this new technology when designing your custom home design.


Smart Doorbell

We all want secure homes, and that starts at the front door. Think about security features you might want for your home. A big trend in home security is the smart doorbell. Smart doorbells are connected to the cloud so you can keep an eye on people coming to your door while you’re away via your smartphone or tablet. They are typically motion censored, so you know when someone is near your home. The camera also records people approaching your home, so you can see if it’s the UPS delivery person, or someone who shouldn’t be near your house and have a recording to review later.


Pet Camera

For those who love their pets, waiting all day to see them can be too much. The pet camera allows owners to see their pets around the house every day. This is also beneficial for owners of badly behaved pets, so you can see if someone starts causing trouble. If this is something that would be good for your home, think about the best place for the camera as you start planning your custom home. Be sure to consider the place you plan on keeping pets during the day and give yourself options for placement with good visibility.


Smart thermostat

Home technology can also help conserve energy. Studies show smart thermostats can save up to $180 per year on heating and cooling. You can control the temperature of your home from your smartphone, or set times to turn on and off during the day depending on the time you spend in the home. Smart thermostats can be set to warm up gradually before your alarm goes off in the morning, or start cooling down the home just before you arrive from work. During the planning phase of your new custom home, be sure to let your designer know so they can plan for installing the smart technology.


Remote Sun Shades

Some home blinds never come down at the same time when you try to lower them and those strings aren’t exactly elegant. Smart shades are a new tech trend in custom homes that give you all the benefits of shades without the eyesore. Remote controlled shades come up and down in the click of the button, or voice control, and many come with timers, so you can wake up with the sun every day. As you get started, let your designer know if you plan on using motorized shades. There are design choices you can make together to give the room the best aesthetic.


Smart Light Switch

Do you ever have those days where you’re almost to work and remember you didn’t shut off any of the lights at home? Or your heading out the door and realize the upstairs lights are still on. Smart light switches give you the power to turn lights on and off, right from your phone. Smart light switches are also a great option for when you’re on vacation. Scheduling lights to turn on and off when you’re gone discourages security threats and gives the illusion that someone is in the home. To install smart light switches, old switches need to be replaced. So if you’re thinking this is an option you want, decide which one you want before you start building your custom home so you don’t have to go back and install later.


Smart Lock

Speaking of safety, smart locks are another feature to safeguard your home against unwanted guests. Some support fingerprint recognition, so you can access your home with one tap of a finger. Others work with voice commands and guest access codes. Like all of these smart products, you can connect this to your phone or home voice command technology. So when you’re laying in bed and can’t remember if you locked the door, all you need to say is ‘lock the front door’ and you can rest assured.


A really smart home takes a combination of technology and planning. If you want cutting edge of technology, make sure you let your designer know of your preferences prior to creating plans. We can help you design a home that works with technology seamlessly. Ready to get started on the smart house of your dreams? Give us a call to talk about your ideas, inspiration, and home goals.





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