Making Your Custom Home Landscaping Pop

Written by: Penny Siml on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Custom home landscaping that pops adds more curb appeal to your home.No custom home is complete without the perfect landscaping. When you think about your dream home, it probably isn’t surrounded by a treeless, flowerless, shrubless brown patch of grass. It’s probably surrounded by lush green grass, strategically placed shrubs under the first-floor windows, flowers lining the front walkway, and a tree growing in the backyard. Indianapolis custom home landscaping, when used the right way, can really make your yard and your home pop. It’s all about the types of plants you use and the colors of those plants.



For inspiration, think about an amazing botanical garden that you’ve been to on a trip. Maybe it’s the Central Garden at the Getty Center with its tree lined walkways and over 500 varieties of plants. Maybe it’s a book you read as a child like The Secret Garden with the idyllic English garden. No matter where your inspiration comes from, use it to create an amazing yard that you’ll enjoy for years to come.


Custom Home Landscaping: Complementary Colors

When it comes to the inside of your custom home, you don’t want brown shag carpet and pink walls. The same mentality has to be applied when it comes to making your landscaping pop. Sure, bright colors pop, but you don’t want that pop of color to hurt anyone’s eyes. Instead, use colors that complement each other.


So, for your flower beds, use flowers that look great next to each other. For example, using a mixture of yellows and purples would add a pop of color; plus, these colors go together really well because they complement each other. Also, think about the colors of the landscaping that are really close to your home. If you mulch around the house and the house is a dark red brick, you may be better off using a light brown mulch, so the color of your house pops.


Picking Out Shrubs

Shrubs can really make or break a yard. The ones you plant in your yard need to look great and they need to add some real character to your landscaping. Instead of just picking out the first ones you see, think about how much time each variety of shrub will take to maintain, how fast they grow, and in what conditions they grow best.


If you’re looking for under-the-window shrubs, then you want a variety that is either easy to maintain, so you can keep it trimmed below the windows, or one that doesn’t grow very tall. If you’re looking for shrubs to grow along the side of your home where there aren’t any windows, consider planting shrubs that grow taller. These types of shrubs take up more space, so your home doesn’t have a huge wall of brick or siding.


Landscaping The Way You Want

Ultimately, your custom home landscaping needs to be what you always dreamed it would be. If you want a ton of trees in your backyard, then your custom home builder will work with you to find the right lot for your home. If you’re dreaming of huge flower beds scattered throughout your yard, then go for it. Make your home pop.

When you’re ready to make the landscaping and the custom home dream come true, let Carrington Homes know. As custom home builders Geist, we would love to sit down with you and discuss your ideas and how we can help make them become your future home (and landscaping).



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