Style Portfolio: What is Your Home Style?

Written by: Penny Siml on Sunday, February 21, 2016

Use our custom home style portofolio to find your future home

What's your home style? Take a peak into our custom home portfolio to find out!

The Carrington Castle custom home style is a day dreamer's dream come true.
This home gets its name from...well, looking like a castle! If you grew up dreaming of one day living in a castle, I have good news: you can! Above is an example of a home we built that is in every way a modern castle. See the unique, circular windows? This is one of the details that make this property modern and one-of-a-kind. Doesn't the exterior of this home just make you want to explore the inside? I have more good news: the inside is not like an ancient castle (often cold and dark) but warm, cozy, and bright! You may consider building a modern Castle style home if you've always loved the look of castles but want the advantages and conveniences of a modern American home.
The Traditional American custom home style is perfect for those who love a classic look
Traditional American


This style of home can take many forms. However, there are some features that generally make a home fall into the category "Traditional American". One of those is a front porch. Like the home above, a large, often wrap-around porch, makes this style of home very inviting. Another common feature is the layout. While it's far from boring, this style of home usually has a more traditional layout. This style of home is great for someone who is takes comfort in traditional yet beautiful homes.
The Carrington Country is great for home owners who are looking for a warm and inviting curb appeal.
Country homes are typically thought of as warm and inviting. One of these reasons is they usually have a large front porch, like the one in the image above. These homes also have details that remind you of a farm or farmhouse. Take for instance, the weathervane or the shape of the room. But just like the castle and cottage homes, having a country home doesn't mean you have to have sheep grazing in the back yard (although, a flock of sheep out your window in the morning might be the perfect way to start your day!). Why not take the country to the city? Find your perfect plot of land, no matter where it may be, and settle down in your cozy country home. 
The Carrington Crafstman custom home style is growing in popularity.


This style of home is newer to our list, although we've built plenty and are building more and more as it grows in popularity. The Craftsman style home is a response to the mass produced vinyl home. It brings back the art and beauty of a home. Typically a mix of exterior materials are used such as stone, bring, and wood like the home pictured above. I assume since you're building a custom home that getting away from mass produced homes is quite appealing. If you tend to be drawn to a more natural, rustic style, the craftsman home might be a good fit for you.

Just like in the fairytale characters you love, the Tudor custom home style from Carington Homes will make you feel like a princess or prince.


The tudor style is another home that is often thought of as a fairytale style. The details of the roof line and the windows on a tudor home are likely why. A tudor home has some similarities with the cottage home. They are both styles that lean more toward quaint and charming. If you like the cottage home but feel like it's not quite your style, consider looking at tudor homes.


See something you like? Want to learn what other styles of homes are available? Let us know! We'd love to chat!



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