Why Shopping For Your Own Remodeling Project Can Lead To Higher Cost

Written by: Penny Siml on Sunday, November 16, 2014

Shopping around for the best remodeling project cost can lead to higher quotes.

A great percentage of remodeling projects’ costs come from the materials used. But when you are looking at building materials, you should be thinking about more than just a price tag. Some of the remodeling projects we take on have already been attempted by the homeowner. Without expert help with a remodeling project, remodeling on your own can actually be more costly than you would believe.

The term “DIY” (do it yourself) is growing rapidly on Pinterest and other social media platforms. Although we support you in expressing your creative side, there are some DIY remodeling project that should be left to the experts. DIY remodeling projects can sometimes end in costly mistakes.

Here are four reasons why hiring an expert can save you money on your next project.

Pictures and descriptions may not show the product’s true colors.
Custom home builders have the experience to determine great quality from very standard or even poor quality. If you are remodeling, you want materials that will last the life of your home, and those can be hard to find on your own. You could be getting yourself into a situation in which your remodel needs to be redone in 10 or 15 years.

Custom home builders can buy wholesale. 
High quality tested materials are not cheap, no matter where you purchase them. Home builders have the knowledge and relationships to get materials at a discounted prices. That means that our high quality materials could come out costing the same as basic materials you find on your own. Our relationships help you get more bang for your buck on building materials.

Time is money. 
If you are buying materials online, go ahead and add another two weeks onto your project timeline. Shipping costs could also raise the price of the items being purchased by an unexpected percentage. 

There is a contract involved. 
Take the pressure off of yourself for your remodeling project. If something goes wrong or you don’t like the outcome, you can talk to your professional builder. If you had done the project on your own, you would simply have to start from the beginning, costing you time and more materials. Also, the DIYers often purchase too much or too little material. Custom homes builder know the right amount and will only charge for materials used. Rest easy knowing that your contract covers all of your bases.

Our team at Carrington Homes understands what the term “custom” means. When it comes to remodeling projects that are not so simple… let us help you do it right the first time. Carrington Homes can help you save money and produce an end product that exceeds your expectations. Schedule a free consultationwith us to get the process started.


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