How to Build an Indianapolis Custom Home

Coffee Bar Ideas: What To Consider When Designing A Coffee Bar

Penny Siml - Monday, February 19, 2018


5 Reasons Your Custom Home Needs A Rec Room

Penny Siml - Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Custom Home Bathroom Design: Why Ditch The Tub

Penny Siml - Thursday, January 11, 2018

Quick question: how often do you use the bathtub you have right now? Unless you take a daily soak or you only have one bathroom and young children, you probably aren’t using it frequently. By ditching the tub altogether in you custom home bathroom design, you can increase the amount of room you have to work with to create the bathroom of your dreams.  Read More...

How To Choose The Perfect Wall Color

Penny Siml - Friday, December 22, 2017

The idea of picking out wall colors is exciting for every homeowner. As you head into the hardware or paint store to choose the perfect swatches and color patterns, the excitement and anticipation just continue to build. Then, it all comes screeching to a halt as you’re standing in front of a giant wall full of color sample cards, magazines with color schemes, and display cans boasting of their benefits.

With so many choices, how do you make the right decision? You probably don’t want to be repainting every year so this is not a decision to make lightly. The color of your walls should not only look great, but also help to influence your comfort level in the room and showcase some of your personality.

Once you get the keys to your new custom home you want it to be finished to the last detail. That includes the paint on the walls so delaying the decision isn’t an option. But, don’t worry. The custom home builders at Carrington Homes have some tips that will make the paint picking process easier and less stressful.

Tip #1: Use what you already own as inspiration.

Trying to come up with a color scheme out of the blue can be overwhelming. Instead of trying to find the right color at the store, start at home. Look around at your favorite decor, rugs, fixtures, and the natural world around you. These items are a great source for inspiration. You most likely already love the colors, so why not use them as a starting point for your walls?

Tip #2: Find a color card you love and stick to it.

Now, we aren’t suggesting you use the same 3 to 5 colors for every single room in your home, but we are suggesting you use the provided shade variations. One of the biggest challenges homeowners face when deciding on paint color is how to transition from one color in a room to another color in the adjacent room. The easiest solution is to use colors on the same card. Typically, these colors are in the same family, they’re just separated by a few shades, which means they’re great for transitioning from room to room.

Tip #3: Use accent colors to liven up a room.

Accent walls can be tricky. If the color is too different from the main color of the room, then you’ll just end up with a sharp contrast that’s not necessarily so easy on the eyes. The best way to do an accent wall is to keep it small. Instead of the largest wall in your living room, consider spaces like the breakfast nook off the kitchen, the wall behind your headboard in the master suite, or even the wall with the bay windows in your upstairs closet. Feature walls need more than just a different paint color, they need decor that helps integrate the wall into the rest of the room.

Tip #4: Incorporate various natural tones.

When you hear “natural tones” you might immediately jump to beige, but the truth is natural tones incorporate a huge, diverse color palette. Everything from beige and gray to brown and green can be considered natural. Play with these colors a little bit beforehand, but mixing different natural tones into one room can really make it feel clean and refreshing. Use multiple tones of beige to great depth. Mix in green and brown to deepen the natural aesthetics.

Are you looking for even more tips for your custom home building project? We have the perfect resource! Our “Tips For Building Your Custom Home” e-book is full of advice on starting the process, hiring a builder, and even choosing the right lot for your project.


5 Tips For Taking Your Kitchen Design To The Next Level

Penny Siml - Friday, December 15, 2017

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in every home. From cooking dinner to doing homework, it serves as a central hub for your family. When it comes time to think about your kitchen design, you don’t want to cut corners or make sacrifices. What you do want to do is take your kitchen design to the next level.


5 Closet Ideas to Inspire Your Future Custom Home

Penny Siml - Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Closets most likely aren’t high on your priority list when it comes to your custom home ideas. While we don’t always think about it, we do use our closets every day, and facing a closet that is disorganized or overstuffed can be a frustrating way to start out your day. Having the right closet for your home and your needs is crucial to the function and design of your custom home.

To help you get started, here are five closet ideas to inspire your thinking:

Ditch the traditional closet doors.

Pocket doors and standard swing doors are functional, yes, but you want something stylish for your custom home. Instead of using the standard closet doors, opt for something a little more modern and aesthetically pleasing like a sliding barn door. If the rustic look of a wood door doesn’t match your personal taste, swap the wooden door out for a modern steel door. The sliding door is a great way to add style, but it’s also a great way to add more space to your room because you won’t have to sacrifice space for the door swinging open or closed.

Use a variety of storage options.

It doesn’t matter if you’re organizing a foyer closet, the master suite closet, or the closet off of your mudroom, a variety of storage options is always the way to go. Adding shelves, storage totes or baskets, and hanging rods allow anyone and everyone to make the best use of the space. Especially important in shared closet spaces, you want to provide practical solutions for everyone in the family. Having multiple hanging rods allows everyone of all heights to hang coats, shirts, and sweaters. The storage totes are great for storing the miscellaneous items that often clutter these shared closets.

Add top-level storage shelves.

Closets in custom homes can become cluttered pretty easily without the right solutions. Having a shelf at the top of the closet to store seasonal items and clothing can make the closet feel more open. These shelves can easily be made to match the rest of the closet and flow with the aesthetics of the space. Consider adding baskets to make storage easier and more design friendly.

Add drawers to closets in bedrooms.

Building a custom home means you have the opportunity to create the space exactly how you want it to be. As you think about the closets in the bedrooms, consider adding drawers. Not only will this give you more storage options, but it will make locating items of clothing easier when the closet is open. It’s also a great place to add a small shelf for things like makeup, perfume, toiletries, and a small mirror.

The right lighting can go a long way.

When it comes to closets in your custom home, you most likely won’t think twice about the lighting. However, without the right lighting, your closet won’t be as functional or aesthetically pleasing as it could be. Consider how large the closet is when picking out lighting. You may need a larger light or a more decorative fixture to match the space. Another option to consider is an automatic light that switches on the second the closet door is open. This will save you from fumbling in the dark trying to turn the light on.

As you think about your custom home, it’s important to focus in on the details like your closets. While this part of the process can be challenging, the custom home builders at Carrington Homes are ready to help you. We thrive on details and love helping our clients turn their custom home dream into reality. Contact us today to start the process!



Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Custom Home

Penny Siml - Wednesday, November 15, 2017

With so many different lighting options, it can be incredibly difficult to find the right lighting for your custom home. Sure, you want as much natural light as possible, but you also need fixtures that create a cohesive space while also adding the right design aesthetic. Not to mention, your custom home lighting needs to be as functional and practical as possible. No one likes trying to read their favorite book or trying to cut vegetables without the right lighting. Choosing the right lighting for your custom home is extremely important.


Outdoor Living For Fall

Penny Siml - Sunday, October 29, 2017

As the weather cools, there are still plenty of great outdoor activities you and your family can enjoy. Everything from visiting a local orchard to picking pumpkins is probably on your list. One thing you might not have considered is how much time you can spend outside during the Fall at your own home! With the right outdoor living design, you can make your home the perfect place to enjoy Fall.  Read More...

Top Reasons To Work With A Custom Home Builder

Penny Siml - Friday, October 13, 2017

When it comes to building a home, working with a custom home builder will result in a better outcome that matches your ideas and dreams of a future home. You don’t want to build just any home, you want to build your dream home. A custom home builder will help you accomplish this goal more efficiently and with more enthusiasm than other types of builders.


Unique Vanity Ideas For Custom Homes

Penny Siml - Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The best way to have a home that fits your unique style and personality is to build a custom home. When it comes to the layout and design of a custom home, the sky's the limit. Working with a quality custom home builder in Indianapolis you can design a home with a theater in the basement, an outdoor living room, or even a gym off of the master suite.   Read More...


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