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Hancock County Home Tour

Penny Siml - Friday, April 12, 2019

Looking for something to do this weekend, April 13 & 14? Check out the Hancock County Home Tour in Greenfield, Indiana! Stop by, check out our model home and say Hi to Carl McIntyre at 2326 West Stone Ridge Trail in Greenfield, IN. 

Bathrooms for Privacy and Function

Penny Siml - Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Office Design for Organizing Mountains of Paperwork

Penny Siml - Friday, March 22, 2019


Study Spaces for Year-Round Learning

Penny Siml - Friday, February 15, 2019

Anyone with kids knows the challenges of getting homework done in the evening between after-school activities, making dinner, and preparing for the next day. But these study habits are vital for the long-term success of a child. Depending on how, when, and where kids study plays a big role in how successful the study session will be and can make a marked difference in the retention of the information. To give your kids the best opportunity for success, a designated study spot is a must in the home. We pulled together a few of our favorite study room ideas for your custom home to help kids, develop, learn, grow, and flourish.

Distraction-Free Planning

The first thing to consider is the placement of this room in your home. To make study time effective, you want to eliminate as many distractions as possible, so it’s a great idea to build this room away from entertainment spaces or areas with a lot of noise (like the kitchen or living room). Creating a secluded space for study helps us define separate time for study and leisure. Consider a phone-free environment and resist any temptation to add a television in this room.

Image result for kids study room

Under the Bed

If a designated study space isn’t in your design plans, consider allocating more space in bedrooms for a desk or study nook. Even if the space you have to work with is small, it’ still important to create that designated space for homework, study, and projects. We love using space in the bedroom to cleverly create extra space with a small corner nook or a big bay window that can easily transform into a cozy spot to read and study.

Image result for kids study room

Cluster of Desks

Developing collaboration skills from an early age will also help children become great students with solid study habits. With multiple kids in the home, you can create a co-working space where everyone can get their assignments finished in one place. This also makes things easier for parents to monitor homework and make sure all assignments get completed.

Image result for kids study room

Space for you and your child

Homework time is the perfect opportunity for some quality family time and to see how your child is developing in their studies. When planning a study room design, we suggest designing enough space for you and your child to sit together comfortably. If you have concerns about allocating space for a study room when you know, eventually, the kids will be out of the home, we like to point out this space can be used for a wide variety of other functions. This could be another home office, an entertainment room, or guest room once the kids leave the nest.

Plenty of storage

You’re up late, trying to help your son finish the homework assignment he should have told you about weeks ago, but now it’s the night before it’s due and you’re lending a hand to help get it done on time. You search around for a glue stick to help paste on the final touches when you realize there is no glue stick in the house and now it looks like you’ll be making a late night trip to the store. Instead of going through all of this, plan your study space with plenty of storage to hold everything and anything you could need to get the job done. We recommend built-in storage units that are sleek and versatile while expertly hiding paper, pens, books, and supplies.

Image result for kids study room

These are just a few ideas for designing space kids can use to study, learn, and develop without distractions. We love any idea that inspires better study habits. What are your ideas for a home study space? We want to hear them! Connect with one of our design professionals to get started. We’ll help you plan every detail of your custom home, right down to the fine details.


Achieving Modernism With Personality

Penny Siml - Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Right now in homes across America, coats line entryway coat racks, wet boots sit inside the door, drying out before the next trek through the snow, and hats and gloves litter laundry rooms, dumped off by kids running in and out of the house on cold blustery days. Okay, we all know the headaches of cold weather and despite our best efforts, the home gets a little cluttered during the cold weather seasons. So how do we cut the clutter and keep homes feeling like an oasis of tranquility after a busy and stressful day? Minimalism.  Read More...

Custom Kitchen Ideas for Healthy Eating Habits

Penny Siml - Thursday, January 17, 2019

We’re only a few weeks into 2019 and keeping up with New Year's resolutions is already a struggle. We all want to stay healthy and take care of our bodies as best as possible, but sometimes life gets busy and rolling through the drive-through is a much easier option at the end of the day. To buck bad habits and stay on the path to healthy eating, let your custom home kitchen help you achieve your goals. We pulled together a few of our favorite tips for designing a custom kitchen to get back to cooking healthy, hearty meals.

Place Temptations out of reach

Mindlessly snacking on cookies and chips is a lot harder when you have to work for it. Design your kitchen to help you keep those health goals by including tall shelves or above cabinet storage space to keep those temptations out of arms reach. This is also a great place to stash your favorite wine or spirit. Getting out a ladder and grabbing a bottle of wine is an extra step to remind yourself to keep healthy goals and limit indulgences (it also keeps the alcohol out of the reach of kids or teenagers in the home).

Four Gray Bar Stools in Front of Kitchen Countertop

Storage space for healthy flavor-adds

Cooking a healthy meal after a long day of work might not always be appealing. Especially when the food you’re cooking is healthy and nutritious and not a juicy, flavorful burger. Adding herbs and spices to your healthy meal is a great way to kick up the flavor and help you forget all about that burger craving. When designing your dream custom kitchen, including a spice drawer for easy access to flavor-packed ingredients. Make cooking less of a chore and more of a hobby with a kitchen designed to be an ally in your healthy food goals.

Three White Ceramic Soup Spoons

In-kitchen herb garden

Fresh herbs and spices are staples in healthy food preparation. Ditch the trip to the grocery store for your favorite fresh herbs and grow them right in your own kitchen! Add a living herb wall to your kitchen design to bring life to the room and year-round access to delicious herbs to add that little extra to your meal. This addition looks great and saves you a few dollars on your monthly grocery bill.

Image result for herb wall in kitchen

Chalk wall for a grocery list

You get to the store after work and can’t seem to remember if you have enough milk for the rest of the week. We all know the feeling of leaving the store knowing we forgot to pick something up. Let your kitchen help you stay organized and fully stocked to dish up delicious and healthy meals every day. A small chalk wall gives you the option to jot down anything you need while in the kitchen preparing meals. This running list of needs keeps items top of mind so that when you’re in the store, you know what you need. If a chalk wall doesn’t match the aesthetic of your space, consider a corkboard to hold your calendar, notes, and important information. Grab your grocery list off of the corkboard on your way out the door and never forget an item at the store again!

Easy to use add-ons for making cooking a breeze

Your kitchen should be an ally in sticking to healthy eating goals. You can add a chopping block countertop to chop up healthy vegetables without needing to pull out the cutting board. Keep appliances close by with storage and organization features perfect for prepping meals and hiding away appliances when not in use. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it should be a comfortable and efficient space for making dinner, serving up Sunday breakfast or packing lunches for the week.

These tips might not keep your hands out of the cookie jar all the time, but they will help you create a kitchen better equipped to meet your healthy eating goals. What are your healthy eating tips and tricks?

If you’re thinking of building your dream custom home, connect with one of our design specialists to go over all of the details to make your home truly spectacular and perfect for the needs of you and your entire family!



Reimagine Your Entry Space

Penny Siml - Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The entrance to your home is much, much more than a space to pull off your shoes and drop off your coat. This is the first impression of your home to not only new guests but the space that greets you every day after a long day at the office. This space should feel warm, welcoming, inviting, and helpful in de-stressing after a long day. Effectively designed spaces should pull you through the entryway, making the tasks associated with coming home for the day less of a struggle and more of a set up for an easy morning the next day. We’ve taken a closer look at a few design styles for the entrance of the home, why they are great options and the type of lifestyle or home design that would benefit the most from each style.


Big families with kids running in and out of the house, muddy paws dragging dirt in and out of the house, and families with so much sports equipment you could use a locker room of your own all know the immense benefits of having a mudroom in the home. This room houses the things coming indoors that shouldn’t make it past the first few steps. If this sounds like your family, a mudroom entrance off of the garage or other access point is an excellent idea. This room should include storage options, a cleaning station, and in many cases, the washer and dryer. Have you ever wondered what that certain smell was in your teenage son's room only to find a gym bag hiding under the bed full of dirty clothes that must be at least a month old? A mudroom is your first line of defense for cleaning these items before they cause a bigger problem. If your family is active and full of moving parts, the mudroom is a beautiful but more importantly an efficient use of the transition space in your home.

Transitional Entry

Transitional entryways are perfect for the entertainer in you. These spaces carefully bridge the entrance to the home with the rest of the flow within. Typically introducing the style of the home, these spaces blend style and use in one area tailored to greeting guests, providing space for coats and shoes, and welcoming them to venture further into the home. Think very carefully about the layout of the space. No one wants to walk into a home and instantly be greeted with a wall or confusing navigation to the rest of the space. Avoid placing a stairway entrance too close to the front door. Most people don’t want to walk right up to a flight of stairs when they enter the home, and it creates confusion whether to remove shoes and coats upon entrance or wait until further into the home. This space should be open, breezy, and a warm welcome to the rest of the space.

Compact Entryway

If you’re concerned with space or don’t want to spend valuable square footage by the front door, a compact entryway is a great compromise for design without compromising the comfort of your family and guests. A small entryway provides all of the visual cues as the transitional entryway on a smaller scale. These spaces take a little more planning with your design specialist, but there are ample opportunities here for storage and more. Built-in shelving adds function without sacrificing space, and galley-style entrances lead you into the home without causing confusions or backups near the front door. Think narrow tables, built-in shelving, minimal design, and welcoming features like a decorative rug or centerpiece mirror.


A foyer is the landing space for family and friends. It creates a transition space self-contained from the rest of the home. If open floor plans are your preference, a foyer might not be for you, but they are an elegant way to welcome people into your home. Foyers offer ample room to get comfortable and remove shoes and coats but don’t give a peek into the rest of the home. If privacy is high on your list of home features, a foyer is for you. You can rest assured visitors to your front door don’t get a clear look at the inner-workings of your home.

What style is best for your home? When it’s time to start thinking about the first impression you want your custom home to make, contact the design professionals at Carrington Homes to make the very most of your space, however you choose to use it. From there we will help you make it blend seamlessly into the rest of your home floorplan to make your home unlike any other and perfectly efficient for you and your family!


Modern Kitchens With A Splash of Personality

Penny Siml - Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Remember making cookies with your grandmother when staying over for the weekend? This childhood memory might bring back images of a bright yellow kitchen straight out of the 80’s. Bright colors, matching dishes, and a whole lot of pattern were staples to the iconic trends of the 70’s and 80’s. Reflecting on these bright bold kitchens got us thinking...what happened? You walk into pretty much any modern kitchen today and you’re met with clean lines, mute tones, and stainless steel appliances. Modern kitchens are more about sleek design than personalized touches in many cases. Now, this is not an argument that kitchens should look like they did back in the days of vinyl coverings and loud colors on every wall. We can leave that in the past. But it is an observation that many modern kitchens leave personalized style out of the design and we think there is opportunity in every room in the home for a touch of personality. In today’s blog, we’ll take a closer look at a scale of personality in the kitchen. From small touches to show-stopping bold design, think about how you could put a little more ‘you’ into your kitchen design when planning your dream forever home!  Read More...

Formal Rooms for Formal Functions

Penny Siml - Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The holidays are upon us and that means family gatherings all season long. If you’ve lived in a home without adequate space for a house full of guests, you know the challenges of creating a comfortable space for all guests to your home. When planning your custom home, you’ve likely built in enough space for your family and all guests to enjoy. One part of a custom home that serves groups of people for family gatherings is a formal dining room. Possibly not as common today as years ago, the formal dining room is still an important part of any home. When planning an extravagant family get-together to enjoy great food and a home full of your closest loved ones, you need a room where everyone can sit together to dine. Family functions just aren’t the same if the family has to be divided between rooms to fit everyone comfortably.


Not all events need a formal setting, but when you plan for months for a remarkable holiday dinner, it is nice to bring out the finest china in a beautiful room fit for the occasion. So, how do you design a formal dining room to mix design with comfort? Follow these tips to design the perfect room to enjoy all formal occasions and still be useful all year long.



Celebrate In Style


Just because a dining room is formal, doesn’t mean it can’t reflect your style! Think about the overall aesthetic of your home and design a room to fit your style and tastes. If you have family heirloom china that you love bringing out around the holidays, think about bringing in touches of the design of your table set into the design of the room. Don’t be afraid of color when designing your room. The holidays are times for celebration and often the home is full of color and life. Think about how you would like to decorate the table for various holidays and be sure to choose a palette that can work well with whatever table settings or centerpieces you choose year after year. Carefully consider what type of celebrations this room will host and create a room that is warm, comfortable and inviting with color, texture, and design.


Plan for Growth


Depending on the size of your family, holiday meals can get crowded. Even if you have a small family now, think about your forever home as your family grows. Someday the kids will grow older and find people to spend their lives with. Eventually, there will be grandkids around the table and an extended family to enjoy a meal with. Be sure to allocate plenty of space in your dining area to fit plenty of people as your family grows. Love the drama and elegance of a long, beautiful table as the centerpiece of your formal dining room? Consider finding the perfect table first, and designing the room to be long enough to fit the table. Don’t forget the difficulty of serving dishes with people seated around the table or needing to get up and grab something from the kitchen during the meal. Add plenty of space around where the table will sit to give you and guests plenty of comfortable space to get up, move around, and navigate safely and comfortably around the table.


Last the Test of Time

One thing we often see that scares people away from a formal dining room is the difficulty of keeping the room clean. When you have many people over for a meal and drinks, something is bound to get spilled. One easy way to combat the wear on a dining room is to carefully choose the material in the dining room. Hardwood floors are easy to clean spills or dropped food. If you want something more comfortable, consider adding a beautiful rug under the table to add design accents. Rugs are often easier to clean than carpet and can be replaced if need be. Scuff resistant paint is a good idea for this space. With chairs pulled in and out and dishes carried from the kitchen in, scuffs are unavoidable. Use materials you can easily clean and keep looking beautiful.


Lighten Things Up


When you think of a dining room, images of a dark, walled in room might come to mind. But it doesn't have to be that way! Imagine enjoying Christmas dinner with the entire family with a view out the window of falling snow and a yard blanketed by a fresh white layer of snow. Allowing light to flood in adds more drama to the room and also helps the room look larger. If you do decide to go with windows, add curtains to block out especially bright days in case you need them. Another way to open up formal dining rooms is with a more open concept than traditional dining rooms. Keep one wall open to the rest of the home, or add sophisticated french doors into the kitchen to make bringing food in easy and clean up a snap.

This holiday season, take a look around the room and, while enjoying great food and loved ones, take a few mental notes on how your dining space could improve in your new custom home. You want your house to be the place your children and family members come back to year after year, so keep your design in mind to make sure everyone has a comfortable seat at the table. Need help getting started on your dream home? Our design consultants are standing by to help you get every detail just right. Give us a call and let us help you take your ideas and inspiration into the perfect home perfectly suited to you!



Building the Ultimate Man Cave

Penny Siml - Tuesday, October 23, 2018

For a lot of families, the argument over the tv at the end of the day turns into a battle.


“How can one person watch sports every day” or

“Are you really going to play video games all night.”


From the other side of the argument comes:


“The Bachelor is on again tonight?” and

“Why do you watch this show, it makes you cry every week?”.


Not all tv shows are made for the entire family, and I think everyone can agree there is definitely a limit to how much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse anyone can watch.


Now, family together time is extremely important, but sometimes you just need a place in the home to get away and do the things you like to do without disrupting anyone else. Most people are familiar with the term ‘man cave’ but in this blog, we’re not talking about a half-finished basement with a tv and an old couch. These spaces are the ultimate entertainment destination, perfect for getting away to watch Sunday football, or hosting a group of friends to enjoy a night of kid-free conversation and relaxation.

A Place for Hobbies

Depending on your ‘thing’ a secluded room in the home is the perfect place for decor that doesn’t match the rest of the home, or for those tools that should stay far away from the reaching hands of small children. Think about the ways you could use the space to fully enjoy your hobby. Maybe it’s collecting sports memorabilia. Maybe you need a place to work on your latest woodworking project. Whatever the case may be, this is a great room to fit the needs of your hobby. For woodworking, consider an easy-to-clean floor with soundproof walls and plenty of space to store extra wood, tools, and materials. If sports are your thing, design the room with plenty of protective cases or shelving and wall space for hanging your best pieces.

Top of the Line Entertainment Center

No man cave would be complete with the ultimate entertainment space. Really use your creativity here. If you’re a hardcore sports fan, think about the days you wish you could watch multiple games at once. What’s stopping you? Install multiple screens to build one mega-screen where you can watch multiple games at once. If you’re more of a one game at a time person, dream big with the size of your television and don’t leave out custom seating and the best audio equipment on the market.

Made for Making Music

Sports aren’t for everyone, and man caves aren’t reserved for Sunday night football. If you’re more of the musically inclined, think of all the things you could do with a designated space to create and make music with friends. Instead of stowing guitars and music equipment in cases under the bed or shoved in the back of a closet, stake out space in your new custom home to put your prized instruments on display with plenty of room to create. Take it one step further and design the room for mixing and producing your own music from the comfort of your home.

A Theme Fit For You

Just because this room isn’t the hub of the house doesn’t mean it should be filled with the leftover furniture you’ve been moving with you since your college days. Design this room to be comfortable, enjoyable, and a reflection of your own tastes and styles. You can go rustic with vintage car signage, or go bright and new with lights, the latest technology, and sleek design. Whatever appeals to you, go with it and bring in all the design elements you love that might not fit elsewhere in the home. We’ve seen some pretty inspiring design themes. Take a look at the photos below to get some ideas and let the creativity inspire your design.

Great for Gaming

Video games, poker, vintage arcade games, whatever you like, you should put on display. If you want your home to be the place everyone comes together for your monthly poker tournament, give your table plenty of space, comfortable seating and a bar in the corner for mixing up drinks all night long. If video games are your thing, comfortable seating, plenty of storage for your consoles and your best gaming memorabilia creates a superior gaming lair.

Home Brewed Hangout

We already talked about adding a bar in your man cave, but really any of these ideas should have a bar or small kitchen feature for serving drinks, soda, snacks, whatever you prefer. For those more serious about their brews, a spot just for your brewing kit keeps it out of the kitchen and in the perfect controlled environment for making your own homebrew. Be sure to include a washing station, storage, and cleaning supplies.

The options are endless for this room in your home! Remember, it doesn’t just have to be a place for the guys, maybe you and your spouse need a place for hobbies away from the kids. This should be a place you can come to relax and enjoy your favorite things you’ve collected over the years. Make sure you have everything you need for a space you can enjoy year after year as the kids grow and your tastes change. If you need help planning a space to get away and enjoy your hobby or passion, get in touch with our design team and we will help you create a space that feels like home, but an escape from the day to day grind.




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