Office Design for Organizing Mountains of Paperwork

office paperwork

Ask anyone who works from home, keeping personal and professional paperwork separate is a task in and of itself. Not to mention the number of distractions when working at home and the shuffle of paperwork moving back and forth from office to home. These challenges are just a few of the many facing professionals working…

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Study Spaces for Year-Round Learning

custom office/home classroom

Anyone with kids knows the challenges of getting homework done in the evening between after-school activities, making dinner, and preparing for the next day. But these study habits are vital for the long-term success of a child. Depending on how, when, and where kids study plays a big role in how successful the study session…

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Achieving Modernism With Personality

empty rainy road

Right now in homes across America, coats line entryway coat racks, wet boots sit inside the door, drying out before the next trek through the snow, and hats and gloves litter laundry rooms, dumped off by kids running in and out of the house on cold blustery days. Okay, we all know the headaches of…

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Custom Kitchen Ideas for Healthy Eating Habits

healthy salad

We’re only a few weeks into 2019 and keeping up with New Year’s resolutions is already a struggle. We all want to stay healthy and take care of our bodies as best as possible, but sometimes life gets busy and rolling through the drive-through is a much easier option at the end of the day.…

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Reimagine Your Entry Space

casual entry

The entrance to your home is much, much more than a space to pull off your shoes and drop off your coat. This is the first impression of your home to not only new guests but the space that greets you every day after a long day at the office. This space should feel warm,…

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Modern Kitchens With A Splash of Personality

custom kitchen

Remember making cookies with your grandmother when staying over for the weekend? This childhood memory might bring back images of a bright yellow kitchen straight out of the 80’s. Bright colors, matching dishes, and a whole lot of pattern were staples to the iconic trends of the 70’s and 80’s. Reflecting on these bright bold…

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Formal Rooms for Formal Functions

formal dining table

The holidays are upon us and that means family gatherings all season long. If you’ve lived in a home without adequate space for a house full of guests, you know the challenges of creating a comfortable space for all guests to your home. When planning your custom home, you’ve likely built in enough space for…

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Building the Ultimate Man Cave

men playing video games

For a lot of families, the argument over the tv at the end of the day turns into a battle. “How can one person watch sports every day” or “Are you really going to play video games all night.” From the other side of the argument comes: “The Bachelor is on again tonight?” and “Why…

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Adding More Design To Your Home With Unique Ceiling Material

master bedroom with vaulted ceiling

Unless the ceiling is beautifully vaulted or horribly covered in the dreaded popcorn texture, we don’t usually pay much mind to the ceiling of a room. We’ll talk at length about the beautiful, original hardwood floor, or the intricate design of the hand-crafted tile in the kitchen, but the ceiling hardly ever gets any love.…

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Designing and Building a Room to Keep Your Family Safe

orange couches

With the news about natural disasters like tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes, the idea of safety in the home is likely on the top of your mind or has been in recent months. Depending on the type of event, often it’s best to leave the home and return when weather events have passed. But in other…

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