“I usually don’t tend to write reviews. Maybe is because most of the time I feel that whatever company service or product I got or bought was fine and just met my expectations. Building our home with Carrington Homes was and has been a completely different experience. I expected the normal headache that comes along with building a custom home. That wasn’t the case at all. What we experienced was what I hear and feel is a tremendously unique process. We had been trying for 6 months prior to build a house with another builder without any progress and with much frustration. I contacted Carl and we met with him the same day. Both my wife and I were so relieved when we left the meeting. We had a new floor plan and were ready to go. The lot we had purchased was a bit of a project and the weather didn’t help at all but our house was build ahead of schedule, a few dollars under budget and I was never upset or worried through out the whole process. I realize that is hard to believe but that was our experience and that is why I am taking the time to write this review. Carl and Jeff are very special people to work with. As a matter of fact Jeff was in our home this week replacing our porcelain sink which we broke. Not to mention that he checked on our home while we were on vacation because we had a tornado in our town. Yes I will say that is a very unique situation but again so glad is our reality. It could also be your experience if you decide to build your home with Carrington Homes.”