“My wife and I were very hesitant to build based on the experience of friends who built custom homes. Because of this, we met with multiple builders. Choosing Carrington was one of the best decisions we ever made. We were 100% satisfied with our building experience.

Carl is very passionate about what he does, and this translates into unmatched quality. Any custom idea we had, the answer was always, “we can do that.” Most of the time Carl would even come up with creative and practical suggestions to make it even better. Carrington’s pricing was fair. All of their subs were professional and competent. The craftsmanship exceeded our expectations.

Our superintendent, Zach, was phenomenal. He ALWAYS followed through on things. Anytime a small issue popped up during the build, we knew it would be immediately addressed. Zach and Carl were always so organized and reachable that it made us feel like our home was the only one they were building.

I would have given Carrington five stars just based on a smooth process and superb end product. The quality speaks for itself. But to us, the best part about Carrington is that Carl has built a company composed of good people. Carl, Zach, Kyler, etc are just flat out exceptional human beings. They take pride in their work, and they treat people as they would want to be treated. We could not have had a better building experience. I would recommend Carrington to anyone for a quality custom home done right.”