Paul and Sarah Lushin, owner of Lushin and Associates, Inc., A Sales and Sales Management Training Company located in Indianapolis.-

“Builders are a dime-a-dozen, all promising to build the house of your dreams at an affordable price. After interviewing several builders over the course of 3 years, my wife and I finally selected Carl McIntyre of Carrington Homes. We selected Carl because of his ability to listen and connect with us. When you are building a home you plan on living in for many years, connecting with your builder was the most important for us. Because we have built many times before, we wanted to go beyond the traditional routines of tours of where builders show off their work of grand craftsmanship and preliminary bidding. We wanted a level of comfort that went beyond good work, predictable deadlines and within cost. We wanted someone that would listen, understand our family and what we wanted in a home. Carl became that person. 5 years later, we have a home that not only makes a statement of elegance and charm but also obvious craftsmanship. Visitors to our home are always commenting on its quality and warmth. But my biggest ‘Thank You’ to Carl is that he was upfront about all new construction comes without a few hiccups along the way. During the construction phase and after completion, every time we had a problem or hiccup Carl was there to make them go away. In other constructions projects that we have been involved with, it was not uncommon for the builder to play the ‘blame-game’. Carl doesn’t play—he makes things happen and all the while taking full responsibility as though it was his own home. Today Carl and his family are considered one of our dearest friends and I am indebted to him for all that he has done for our family. Our friendship would not have been forged if not for his dedication and commitment to excellence in constructing a home that we intent to live in for the rest of our lives. Thanks Carl.”