Now that Bill Riffey (awesome leader) and his terrific team of Eddie, Jon, and Matt are within hours of finalizing their next home, it is necessary for us to tell them that they have exceeded every expectation we could ever have had! Of the seven homes we have built throughout our careers, this one is by far the best project we have ever commissioned. The finished product not only turned out to be far better design, workmanship, and quality than we could have hoped for, but as importantly – the process was totally enjoyable. As we told the golf pro at Holliday Farms when he asked about our building experience, Carrington clearly sets the performance bar for all homebuilders in this development…. without question!!


“We built our beautiful custom home with Carrington Homes in 2012. Now, seven years later, we are so impressed with the lasting quality of the construction materials and the labor used in our home. Actually, we are so happy, that at our suggestion, our daughter is building her home with Carl McIntyre and Carrington Homes. Carl is so genuine and easy to communicate with that I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you Carl for our beautiful home!”


“I usually don’t tend to write reviews. Maybe is because most of the time I feel that whatever company service or product I got or bought was fine and just met my expectations. Building our home with Carrington Homes was and has been a completely different experience. I expected the normal headache that comes along with building a custom home. That wasn’t the case at all. What we experienced was what I hear and feel is a tremendously unique process. We had been trying for 6 months prior to build a house with another builder without any progress and with much frustration. I contacted Carl and we met with him the same day. Both my wife and I were so relieved when we left the meeting. We had a new floor plan and were ready to go. The lot we had purchased was a bit of a project and the weather didn’t help at all but our house was build ahead of schedule, a few dollars under budget and I was never upset or worried through out the whole process. I realize that is hard to believe but that was our experience and that is why I am taking the time to write this review. Carl and Jeff are very special people to work with. As a matter of fact Jeff was in our home this week replacing our porcelain sink which we broke. Not to mention that he checked on our home while we were on vacation because we had a tornado in our town. Yes I will say that is a very unique situation but again so glad is our reality. It could also be your experience if you decide to build your home with Carrington Homes.”


“The entire staff at Carrrington Homes were fantastic and easy to work with. Penny is extremely organized and prompt to respond to any questions I had. In the final walk thru, she presented us with a file of all of the details of the home (paint colors, wood/carpet selections, manuals etc) which was unexpected, but much appreciated. Jeff, supervised the entire project and was very easy to work with as well as being readily available to help with any concerns that we had. I highly recommend Carrington Homes to anyone considering building a custom and quality home.”


” I have built several custom homes ranging in price from 750k to 1.6M. Our family chose Carl due to his impeccable reputation in the building community and after speaking with several customers. Our experience with Carrington Homes was positive from the start through closing. His staff were easy to work with and prompt to respond. Carl offered competitive, fair pricing on the contract as well as any upgrades that we chose along the way. The Carrington Homes subcontractors delivered very high quality work with a sense of pride. Our supervisor was willing to listen to any concerns we may have had. Perhaps the greatest asset Carl offers is what amounts to an unconditional guarantee on his work. We built our home 5 years ago and Carl still answers the phone and email and arranges warranty work. There are only a handful of builders like Carl.”


“I interviewed several builders before I selected Carrington Homes. Carl was always open to my ideas and with his creativity, he made them come alive. No matter how many pages I would rip out of magazines, he would always say “I can do that” and found ways to help with the costs. We had to take several trees down to build, and we milled and dried the wood and put back into the house. We love the hunting lodge look and all the beautiful wood. Carl, Jeff, Zach and Penny were great to work with and put up with me for over a year. I can truly say I was not looking forward to this project, but they made it so much easier for me. I look back and can say I made some great friends with his staff and contractors.”


“Carrington built our home for us and we have subsequently used them to finish our basement and to do other remodeling work. We have always had an exceptional experience working with them. Carl was willing to do whatever we wanted with our home. At the same time, he was very practical in helping us allocate more of our budget to things that we would value on a long-term basis, while providing creative and cost-effective solutions on less important areas. The quality of the work was superb and we love our home!

Carl and his team (and subcontractors) have always remained very professional on the job site. Some of our projects were completed while we were living in the home. They were very considerate of us and they made sure the project impacted us as little as possible. Carl, Zach and Kyler (and previously Mike) are outstanding to work with and they are very competent. They are very responsive to requests and they do an excellent job of following through. I would recommend them to anyone looking to build a custom home in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas.”


“We had a great experience with Carrington Homes throughout our building process. Carl, Zach, and everyone else with Carrington was great to work with. We would recommend them to anyone considering building a new home.”


“Excellent quality, professionalism and top-notch customer service! My husband and I are very pleased with the entire process and end result of our home built by Carrington. Carl McIntyre, owner, and Jeff Charleston, superintendent, are extremely knowledgeable. We had some challenging architecture which they overcame with ease (or at least they made it appear that way) and the end result is perfect. They made the process so enjoyable that I miss working with the Carrington employees.”


“We hired Carrington for a commercial job that is a bit unusual. We were converting a Dentist office to a music school. The team is very flexible and easy to work with. They always kept us in the loop on how things were going. We had some parts we wanted to do ourselves and they were very accommodating. If we ever had a question or problem they are very quick to jump on it as if it’s the number one thing they are working on and stay with it until you’re satisfied.”