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We’re only a few weeks into 2019 and keeping up with New Year’s resolutions is already a struggle. We all want to stay healthy and take care of our bodies as best as possible, but sometimes life gets busy and rolling through the drive-through is a much easier option at the end of the day. To buck bad habits and stay on the path to healthy eating, let your custom home kitchen help you achieve your goals. We pulled together a few of our favorite tips for designing a custom kitchen to get back to cooking healthy, hearty meals.

Place Temptations out of reach

Mindlessly snacking on cookies and chips is a lot harder when you have to work for it. Design your kitchen to help you keep those health goals by including tall shelves or above cabinet storage space to keep those temptations out of arms reach. This is also a great place to stash your favorite wine or spirit. Getting out a ladder and grabbing a bottle of wine is an extra step to remind yourself to keep healthy goals and limit indulgences (it also keeps the alcohol out of the reach of kids or teenagers in the home).

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Storage space for healthy flavor-adds

Cooking a healthy meal after a long day of work might not always be appealing. Especially when the food you’re cooking is healthy and nutritious and not a juicy, flavorful burger. Adding herbs and spices to your healthy meal is a great way to kick up the flavor and help you forget all about that burger craving. When designing your dream custom kitchen, including a spice drawer for easy access to flavor-packed ingredients. Make cooking less of a chore and more of a hobby with a kitchen designed to be an ally in your healthy food goals.

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In-kitchen herb garden

Fresh herbs and spices are staples in healthy food preparation. Ditch the trip to the grocery store for your favorite fresh herbs and grow them right in your own kitchen! Add a living herb wall to your kitchen design to bring life to the room and year-round access to delicious herbs to add that little extra to your meal. This addition looks great and saves you a few dollars on your monthly grocery bill.

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Chalk wall for a grocery list

You get to the store after work and can’t seem to remember if you have enough milk for the rest of the week. We all know the feeling of leaving the store knowing we forgot to pick something up. Let your kitchen help you stay organized and fully stocked to dish up delicious and healthy meals every day. A small chalk wall gives you the option to jot down anything you need while in the kitchen preparing meals. This running list of needs keeps items top of mind so that when you’re in the store, you know what you need. If a chalk wall doesn’t match the aesthetic of your space, consider a corkboard to hold your calendar, notes, and important information. Grab your grocery list off of the corkboard on your way out the door and never forget an item at the store again!

Easy to use add-ons for making cooking a breeze

Your kitchen should be an ally in sticking to healthy eating goals. You can add a chopping block countertop to chop up healthy vegetables without needing to pull out the cutting board. Keep appliances close by with storage and organization features perfect for prepping meals and hiding away appliances when not in use. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it should be a comfortable and efficient space for making dinner, serving up Sunday breakfast or packing lunches for the week.

These tips might not keep your hands out of the cookie jar all the time, but they will help you create a kitchen better equipped to meet your healthy eating goals. What are your healthy eating tips and tricks?

If you’re thinking of building your dream custom home, connect with one of our design specialists to go over all of the details to make your home truly spectacular and perfect for the needs of you and your entire family!

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