What comes to mind when you think about a garage? Probably not much. A place to park to keep the snow off the car in the winter. A dark, dusty storage space for the Christmas decorations you drag out once a year. Well, we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way! A garage can be and should be, so much more than a forgotten storage space for the once-a-year decorations and old bikes that the kids grew out of years ago.

Attached, Detached, or Semi-Attached

The first decision you’ll need to make when it comes to your garage is the style that works for your home and your lifestyle. A detached or semi-detached garage can serve multiple purposes for your family. The upstairs can easily transform into a private and comfortable guest house for family and friends when they come to visit. Living space in the garage can also serve as a semi-permanent living space for the kids to come and go over summers away from college or in-between big moves as they take the first steps into adulthood. This feature is ideal for everyone in the family as it offers privacy with all the comforts of home. Or maybe you want an attached garage to easily unload the groceries or pack for a long trip with the family.

The detached or semi-detached garage is great for the hobbyist in the home. Instead of taking over the home office or setting up shop on the kitchen table, a large garage creates the perfect secluded area to get your craft on without turning the entire house into a mess of supplies. Woodworking, painting, and other loud or messy projects are best when done outside of the home, but you still want to be comfortable, so the garage is the perfect place to escape the stresses of day-to-day life and focus on something that brings you joy.

A Home For All Things Auto

For some families, it’s best to keep the garage as the home for all things car related. A well-designed garage with plenty of work space and storage makes the gear-head feel right at home. Just because space is designed for cars doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable! Spacious benches for working and comfortable chairs make rebuilding that classic Cadillac a little more comfortable. You can even add a TV, minifridge, and small couch to create the ultimate man-cave.

Expert Organization

When your family starts to grow, it seems like the house begins to shrink. The mountain of toys start to take over and all of the baby clothes need somewhere to go. When you have a lot to hold on to for the future, a well-organized garage is a perfect fit for keeping the home clutter-free and clean without throwing out beloved keepsakes or things you’ll need down the road. Don’t just rely on totes and vacuum sealed bags. Design with organization in mind and add custom built-in shelving and storage options. Everything feels much cleaner when boxes and clutter are artfully hidden behind beautifully designed cabinetry.

Lofty Design Ideas

If you really want to kick your garage design up to the next level, a loft adds a ton of personality and functional space. Perfect for an add-on bar, sports lounge, or just extra storage space, the high ceilings and open concept turns your garage into the crown jewel of entertainment space you’ll want to spend time in. If you opt for the two-story garage design, go all out and add adjustable basketball goals for a pop-up game rain or shine.

While the extravagant garage might not be for you, the garage still shouldn’t go ignored. There are a wide variety of ways to make it an extremely functional space for your entire family. When you’re ready to get started designing your very own custom home, talk to one of our Carrington Home designers to plan the perfect home from floor to ceiling and garage to master bedroom.

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