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The entrance to your home is much, much more than a space to pull off your shoes and drop off your coat. This is the first impression of your home to not only new guests but the space that greets you every day after a long day at the office. This space should feel warm, welcoming, inviting, and helpful in de-stressing after a long day. Effectively designed spaces should pull you through the entryway, making the tasks associated with coming home for the day less of a struggle and more of a set up for an easy morning the next day. We’ve taken a closer look at a few design styles for the entrance of the home, why they are great options and the type of lifestyle or home design that would benefit the most from each style.


Big families with kids running in and out of the house, muddy paws dragging dirt in and out of the house, and families with so much sports equipment you could use a locker room of your own all know the immense benefits of having a mudroom in the home. This room houses the things coming indoors that shouldn’t make it past the first few steps. If this sounds like your family, a mudroom entrance off of the garage or other access point is an excellent idea. This room should include storage options, a cleaning station, and in many cases, the washer and dryer. Have you ever wondered what that certain smell was in your teenage son’s room only to find a gym bag hiding under the bed full of dirty clothes that must be at least a month old? A mudroom is your first line of defense for cleaning these items before they cause a bigger problem. If your family is active and full of moving parts, the mudroom is a beautiful but more importantly an efficient use of the transition space in your home.

Transitional Entry

Transitional entryways are perfect for the entertainer in you. These spaces carefully bridge the entrance to the home with the rest of the flow within. Typically introducing the style of the home, these spaces blend style and use in one area tailored to greeting guests, providing space for coats and shoes, and welcoming them to venture further into the home. Think very carefully about the layout of the space. No one wants to walk into a home and instantly be greeted with a wall or confusing navigation to the rest of the space. Avoid placing a stairway entrance too close to the front door. Most people don’t want to walk right up to a flight of stairs when they enter the home, and it creates confusion whether to remove shoes and coats upon entrance or wait until further into the home. This space should be open, breezy, and a warm welcome to the rest of the space.

Compact Entryway

If you’re concerned with space or don’t want to spend valuable square footage by the front door, a compact entryway is a great compromise for design without compromising the comfort of your family and guests. A small entryway provides all of the visual cues as the transitional entryway on a smaller scale. These spaces take a little more planning with your design specialist, but there are ample opportunities here for storage and more. Built-in shelving adds function without sacrificing space, and galley-style entrances lead you into the home without causing confusions or backups near the front door. Think narrow tables, built-in shelving, minimal design, and welcoming features like a decorative rug or centerpiece mirror.


grand foyer

A foyer is the landing space for family and friends. It creates a transition space self-contained from the rest of the home. If open floor plans are your preference, a foyer might not be for you, but they are an elegant way to welcome people into your home. Foyers offer ample room to get comfortable and remove shoes and coats but don’t give a peek into the rest of the home. If privacy is high on your list of home features, a foyer is for you. You can rest assured visitors to your front door don’t get a clear look at the inner-workings of your home.

What style is best for your home? When it’s time to start thinking about the first impression you want your custom home to make, contact the design professionals at Carrington Homes to make the very most of your space, however you choose to use it. From there we will help you make it blend seamlessly into the rest of your home floorplan to make your home unlike any other and perfectly efficient for you and your family!

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