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Custom homes allow you to build a space that’s a perfect fit for the entire family, including your children. Create a space that the kids will fall in love with as much as you will. Custom home design allows you to envision spaces where your children can dare to dream. Your kids should have a place to let their imagination run free. Make your dreams a reality by building a space that the kiddos can make their own. Bring the storybook to life in your home with these custom features that will have your kids feeling like royalty. 

Bedtime Stories

One more minute! But I’m not even tired!

Sound familiar? Is bedtime a constant struggle with your little ones? What if the kids wanted to go to bed? This might sound like something from a fairytale, but let’s make this fairytale come true. Find a solution to your bedtime battles by designing the perfect place for your little ones to rest their heads. Use these ideas to design a bedroom where your kids are sure to have sweet dreams.

Lofty Goals

A lofted bed can make going to bed more exciting than ever. Climb up up and away at bedtime for an added adventure your kids won’t want to miss. Also, this bed will be practical for years to come. At a young age, the floor space underneath can be used as a bonus play area. As your child ages, you can convert this space into a quiet study room. If you plan on using a loft bed, the room should have high ceilings and properly placed ceiling fans to keep your children safe.

Secret Hideaway

A secret hideaway space for your child can give them an area to themselves, making them feel independent, while still being supervised and safe. Consider using space under stairs to design a custom playspace. This way, your kids can play for hours without toys littering the floor of your home. Also, try lofting a playspace to add a magical element to your kids’ fantasy play.

Try a Theme

Adding a theme to a child’s bedroom can help them feel comfortable as they adjust to sleeping in their own bed. Selecting a theme ahead of designing your custom home allows you to adjust the layout of the room accordingly. For example, if you want your little princess sleeping in a castle, building a custom loft into the walls can conserve floor space while providing the magical experience that will make bedtime a breeze. Check out these whimsical themes for inspiration.

Give it a Whirl

Stairs are difficult. And dangerous. So what about a slide? Not only could a slide keep the children occupied, but might just satisfy your inner child as well. Now, you might be thinking this sounds a bit crazy. However, a slide not only creates a playful atmosphere, but can also add a decorative and visually appealing effect. Check out how some homeowners have incorporated slides into their floorplan. What if you coupled a spiral staircase and a slide? That’s what one owner of these creative homes chose to do. With slides like these, you might just find yourself using them too. These slides are off-the-charts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slide in on the fun. Consider including a small one in the children’s playroom to bring the space to life. Or maybe add a slide to the bunk bed… it’s up to you!

Prioritizing the Playroom

Make sure your move doesn’t have a rocky start. A miniature rock wall might be just what it takes for the kids to embrace their new home. What about a hanging ladder? A swing?

Including a playroom for the kids is a great way to limit the toys and messes to one room. A custom home also gives you the ability to add features that take your playroom to the next level. Dream big with the space and find ways to engage childhood curiosity. Don’t forget to add custom organizational space into the playroom as well. This keeps your floor clear and playroom clean. Use these ideas to maximize the “play” in playroom and entertain the kids without ever leaving home.

  • Chalkboard wall – cover one wall of the playroom with chalkboard paint for a mess-free canvas where the kids can embrace their inner artist
  • Hanging chairs – these double as a place for you to watch the kids while they play and a place for the kids to take a break
  • Built-in shelving – great for stowing away extra toys, games, or art supplies

Creating the perfect spaces for your children can keep them entertained and excited year-round. Try to envision the completed space, design, and theme to help you develop room specifications ahead of time. Building a room around custom elements for your kids is much easier than trying to incorporate these custom elements later. Welcome your kids into a fairytale the minute they walk through the door of your new home. Let us know how we can help you dream up a custom home design that will help you achieve your happily ever after.

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