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Anyone with kids knows the challenges of getting homework done in the evening between after-school activities, making dinner, and preparing for the next day. But these study habits are vital for the long-term success of a child. Depending on how, when, and where kids study plays a big role in how successful the study session will be and can make a marked difference in the retention of the information. To give your kids the best opportunity for success, a designated study spot is a must in the home. We pulled together a few of our favorite study room ideas for your custom home to help kids, develop, learn, grow, and flourish.

Distraction-Free Planning

The first thing to consider is the placement of this room in your home. To make study time effective, you want to eliminate as many distractions as possible, so it’s a great idea to build this room away from entertainment spaces or areas with a lot of noise (like the kitchen or living room). Creating a secluded space for study helps us define separate time for study and leisure. Consider a phone-free environment and resist any temptation to add a television in this room.

wall with 2 built in desks

Under the Bed

If a designated study space isn’t in your design plans, consider allocating more space in bedrooms for a desk or study nook. Even if the space you have to work with is small, it’ still important to create that designated space for homework, study, and projects. We love using space in the bedroom to cleverly create extra space with a small corner nook or a big bay window that can easily transform into a cozy spot to read and study.

child bunk with desk underneath

Cluster of Desks

Developing collaboration skills from an early age will also help children become great students with solid study habits. With multiple kids in the home, you can create a co-working space where everyone can get their assignments finished in one place. This also makes things easier for parents to monitor homework and make sure all assignments get completed.

built in desks and study areas

Space for you and your child

Homework time is the perfect opportunity for some quality family time and to see how your child is developing in their studies. When planning a study room design, we suggest designing enough space for you and your child to sit together comfortably. If you have concerns about allocating space for a study room when you know, eventually, the kids will be out of the home, we like to point out this space can be used for a wide variety of other functions. This could be another home office, an entertainment room, or guest room once the kids leave the nest.

Plenty of storage

You’re up late, trying to help your son finish the homework assignment he should have told you about weeks ago, but now it’s the night before it’s due and you’re lending a hand to help get it done on time. You search around for a glue stick to help paste on the final touches when you realize there is no glue stick in the house and now it looks like you’ll be making a late night trip to the store. Instead of going through all of this, plan your study space with plenty of storage to hold everything and anything you could need to get the job done. We recommend built-in storage units that are sleek and versatile while expertly hiding paper, pens, books, and supplies.

colorful kid study room

These are just a few ideas for designing space kids can use to study, learn, and develop without distractions. We love any idea that inspires better study habits. What are your ideas for a home study space? We want to hear them! Connect with one of our design professionals to get started. We’ll help you plan every detail of your custom home, right down to the fine details.

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