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Precise lines. Sleek storage. Bright bedrooms. Optimized space. These features make up a classic modern home. 

Characteristics of a modern custom home create a minimal, clean atmosphere that scream simplicity and ease. Building a modern home involves precise calculations and floor plans that create a smooth traffic flow throughout the home. Coupling strategic interior design choices with modern engineering creates a customized home that you’ll love.

Lighten Up

Allow plenty of light to enter your home. Large window walls make the most of natural light, while allowing you to enjoy the views. Modern homes typically have larger, custom windows. This makes the home feel more spacious.

In additional to windows, you can choose modern light fixtures to brighten up your home. Here are a few contemporary choices to consider in your design.

Recessed – Recessed lights illuminate through openings in the ceiling and generally shine light in one direction. Including many LED recessed lights throughout the home keeps each room bright while giving them a modern flair.

Valance – Valance lighting is mounted to a horizontal strip attached high on the wall that shines both upwards and downwards. Shining light on both the ceiling and walls limits shadows and glare.

Track – Multiple track lights are suspended from the ceiling on a horizontal beam and can be adjusted. These are perfect for accenting areas of your home.Pendants – Pendants are great for adding a bit of extra style to the home. They are hung from the ceiling and shine downwards, making them great for illuminating tables or countertops.

Get This Straight

Straight lines and geometric patterns contribute to a modern look, adding simplicity to the home. From furniture to artwork to roofing, straight lines and seams are essential for creating a clean, uniform design.

Furniture – Lines in the furniture should be linear, without too much detailing. An accent pillow can be a great way to include texture without sacrificing simplicity. Vinyl cushioned furniture is a popular choice. Roof – Traditional homes have a pitched roof, while modern homes often feature flat roofs. Maintaining horizontal lines in the roof help match the exterior of the home with its interior design. Artwork – Geometric artwork and accents can add an extra design element to a modern home, but should be used to accent the space, not dominate it.

In the Scheme of Things

Selecting a color scheme sets the mood and atmosphere of your home, so choose wisely. Modern homes often feature neutrals paired with bold accents. Add bright throw pillows to neutral furniture. Hang a bold piece of artwork to spice up the wall. Explore what various textures and colors can add to your space. While including accent colors, stray away from pastels. Pastels can subtract from the modern feel of your home.

Keep it Clean

An open floor plan sets a modern home apart from its traditional counterpart. Modern homes contain wide open spaces where one room blends into the next. This creates a spacious feel, but must remain highly organized to avoid clutter. Also, consider the flow of traffic from one room to the next. An open floor plan provides plenty of space for entertainment, but make sure your furniture placement provides easy access between rooms.

Designing a modern home requires a bit of planning and strategy, but can provide you with optimized space for every occasion. Contemporary style creates a clean, simplistic layout for your family to enjoy. Efficiency, and ease will characterize your new custom home while giving you a great space to entertain family and friends. Stay in style for years to come with a minimalistic design adding accessibility and functionality to your new house. If you’re interested in learning more about designing a custom, modern home, contact us and we’ll help you get started!

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