Are you looking to create your dream home? Maybe you are thinking of changing or extending parts of your property. When it comes to realizing your desires, you need a custom home contractor with the experience necessary for success. Carrington Homes has helped many residents in Indiana get the houses they desire.

We work with all types of designs and materials. As a custom and luxury home builder, we understand your needs and work with you to build a home with all the features you desire. Whether you are building from scratch or looking to add more luxury to your home, your search for “contractors near me” is over. Contact us today to learn more about our home building services.


The planning and design aspect is crucial when creating custom homes. You don’t want to go into it blind, which is why we showcase everything before we even start building. During the consultation, you’ll tell us more about the details you wish to incorporate.

Do you desire new home developments or something modern? Our team looks at all the best features, including:

  • Exterior style
  • Bedrooms
  • Stories
  • Materials
  • Floor plans
  • Spacing
  • And more

You’ll get a home plan, and we can make any adjustments before starting. That way, we can understand all the material and make the most of your budget. We have skilled architects and staff who have worked on new home construction in the past. You’re in safe hands with us.

Why People Get Custom Homes Built

A custom home gives you a lot more control. The issue with most existing properties is that they may have features you don’t like, or lack features you want. A custom home provides the freedom to choose anything and everything about it. You can choose whether to implement a more open design or put more effort into the exterior.

Custom Home Contractor, Custom and Luxury Home Builder, custom builds also mean that you can work within the price you set. We’ll let you know how much each part will cost to help you create something that works in your budget. As experienced new home builders, we’re here to guide you through each step. Here are the other reasons why people choose custom developments:

  • Create a floor plan from scratch or commission one.
  • Build a home you desire on your land.
  • Pick any product and material you want.
  • More involvement during construction.
  • Hire an architect to work alongside us.

Start Building with Carrington Homes

Carrington Homes has been creating custom homes and commercial projects since 1992. We believe in providing high-quality service that establishes trust with our customers. We’re here to meet your expectations. You can expect only the best when committing yourself to the craft.

Carrington Homes is your reliable contractor from the design process up to the actual build. We listen to you and help you bring your vision to fruition. Contact us today to get started on your custom home.