Custom Home Designs: Design Services

Your dream home begins with a unique design that matches your needs and preferences. Not only will it be something that fits you perfectly, but it can also save you thousands of dollars. There are so many possibilities when building a house, but it all begins with a custom home design.

Carrington Homes has helped many residents of Indiana get the home building services they desire and offers custom design home services that are unmatched. Your search for “custom home architect near me” is over.

Starting the Design Process

Each home has specific requirements before you can even begin drawing. This information will act as a baseline that guides us through the design and will define the build. It does not matter if you want a modern home or luxury materials, if the plan is not solidified, nothing can begin.

It can seem overwhelming, but we’ll help guide you through the steps. Once we have the information, you’ll receive details about:

  • Square footage of the property
  • Foundation
  • Spaces, bedrooms, and other requirements
  • Exterior and interior style
  • Infrastructure
  • Local and state requirements

From here, we’ll review everything and begin crafting the blueprints. We’ll keep in touch with you every step of the process, and you’ll have complete control over the finished product. We want you to feel satisfied with your new home development. Contact the best contractors to handle your design work today.

All the Necessary Plans and Blueprints

A custom home design isn’t simply about drawing an outline. There are specific steps to take to ensure there is no missing detail in the built home. All this will help us determine the following steps, which includes the estimated price.

Each plan begins with schematics. It is more of a concept to help us estimate the price for the build. Once you approve these, we can develop a more detailed design.

The schematics are more of a flat design that accounts for the size of the house. It will also look at each story and an idea of the elements within.

We’ll develop it from there and add elevations and roofing. Once you approve all these details, we’ll work on construction documents. This is most crucial to the custom home build as it will detail the specifications. It will also contain details of the permit and how the builder will construct the entire home.

Carrington Homes has the designers ready to work on all phases of your project. Contact us today and begin drafting your dream home.

Carrington Homes: Your Custom Home Designers

Our goal is to provide you with a satisfying design that hits all the right boxes. You want something beautiful, functional, and durable. The design ensures you get the home you’ll enjoy for many years that will fit your family’s lifestyle and work within your budget.

Carrington Homes is here for any of your custom home design needs. Contact us today and begin your project.