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Summer is officially here! For us here in Indiana, so far that has meant a lot of rain and soggy conditions for the kids playing outside. For your house, that means a lot of cleaning and mopping to get all of that mud and dirt back outside where it belongs!

Here in the midwest, we are no strangers to the outside making its way inside. Whether that’s snow on boots tracked through the house or grass clippings from your husband’s shoes he forgot to take off after mowing the grass. These little messes are unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with dirt, grass, and water all over your home!

The first mention of a mudroom in a home dates back to the mid-1950s. When homeowners became more concerned about keeping the outside out and the inside pristine. Designed in part thanks to the rise in the automobile, people were looking for a space to transition between the garage and the rest of the house and the mudroom was the perfect balance of function and style. Today, mudrooms are much different than they were when they were first added to many homes. Many homeowners want one place to keep dirty items out of the rest of the home where it can be cleaned, washed, and returned to its designated space.

So, what does a modern mudroom look like now and how does it help keep the home clean all year long?

1. From school to sports and everything in between

For families with children, the mudroom is a great place to make sure no half-eaten lunch makes its way under the bed in the child’s room. Acting as a place to drop off things that need to be cleaned or restocked, it serves as the perfect place to make sure everything is accounted for and ready for the next day. The same is true for sports equipment and apparel. Ever find a damp swim bag hidden under a pile of clothes tossed in the corner of the room? Getting those clean once again is much harder when the scent has set in. Including a washer and dryer, or a simple hamper system for collecting dirty items helps keep the entire home clean, including the kids’ rooms.

2. Summer Fun Not So Fun for Parents

Swimming, biking, running around all day. All of these are what makes summer so magical for kids and a nightmare for parents trying to keep the home spick and span. When the backpacks get hung up for the summer, think about how you can utilize the space to transition for a place to hang wet towels and bathing suits or replace the backpack with the baseball bag in the summer. You can also include a small sink for scrubbing down those grass stains to keep the soccer uniforms looking like new.

3. Guests, Pets, and Summer Lawn Care

Speaking of grass stains, even walking through the house after mowing the grass can warrant another date with the vacuum. With the mudroom strategically placed off of the garage or accessible from an outward facing door, you can eliminate the need to walk through the house to store the outdoor clothes. The same is true for pets coming in from outside or guests entering the home with mud on their shoes or wet feet from a day in the pool!

The mudroom is gaining popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Keeping the home clean while keeping the kids busy all summer is so much easier with a room designed for all things messy and dirty. We have plenty of ideas to help you keep your home exactly how you like it all year long. Our team of designers and builders at Carrington will help you think through your lifestyle and how we can help you build a home you love and that makes keeping it clean a breeze!

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