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Have you run out of room on your wine rack? If so, it might be time to consider a custom wine cellar. Whether you need to store a few of your favorite bottles or are a huge wine enthusiast with hundreds of bottles from your travels, your wine collection deserves a special spot to be displayed and properly stored. Carrington Homes can build a beautiful space to store and display your wine stash so you can do your own wine tasting without having to leave the comfort of home.

Keep your wine cold and tasking great, by incorporating these three design elements in your custom wine cellar.

1. Good Lighting & Ambiance

Sunlight is not a friend of wine bottles. UV rays degrade and prematurely age wine. Wine needs a dark, cool space to enhance the flavors. Choosing the location for your wine cellar where the natural light will not penetrate is important to consider. Since you won’t be allowing the sun to hit your “babies,” you will definitely want to incorporate artificial lighting to enhance the ambiance. Striking chandeliers, pendant fixtures, and track lighting on a dimmer switch will set the mood, highlight your wine, and wow your guests.

2. Climate Control

The average wine cellar in a cool, dark basement won’t suffice. The temperature and humidity need to be regulated by a climate control refrigeration system to ensure your wine tastes great. The accepted sweet spot is 55-58°F. A few degrees hotter and your wine will age too quickly, damaging the quality, and most importantly, the aroma and flavor. A few degrees cooler and your wine will age at a much slower pace.

As for humidity, 55-75% is ideal. A dry environment can dry out the cork, allowing air in the bottle and spoiling the wine. Carrington Homes will ensure that the temperature and humidity remain at optimal levels, so you can think outside of the box for the location of your wine cellar. While a basement is a great option, a kitchen pantry, man cave, closet space, or under the stairs can also be considered. Install a bar or bar height table with bar stools and a few comfortable lounge chairs, and you have a great space to entertain your guests or sip your wine in solitude after a long day.

3. Horizontal Displays

Did you know that storing your wine vertically could ruin your wine? Horizontal displays are ideal, so the liquid meets the cork and prevents it from drying out. Horizontal racking is also space efficient, so you can keep your collection growing. Incorporating a wine cellar with horizontal storage will organize your wine collection so you can easily know what kinds of wine you have and access them quickly for the appropriate occasion. Many people are proud of their collection and enjoy showing it off to friends and family. A wine cellar is the perfect way to do this, and Carrington Homes can design your wine cellar with stunning finishes for the flooring, backsplash, and countertops that reflect your personal style.

Unlike a fine wine that takes years to mature, choosing a knowledgeable expert like Carrington Homes to plan your custom wine cellar will save you time and money. A wine collector + wine cellar = perfect pairing! Get started on your own custom wine cellar that is uniquely designed to fit your home and style by calling us to schedule a consultation today.

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