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Time in the bathroom isn’t something people typically like to talk about. We all want privacy and comfort in our homes, especially in the powder room. But not all bathrooms are designed to be comfortable, and we’ve all been in bathrooms that are downright too small, poorly planned, or don’t provide enough privacy. When you’re thinking about building your custom home, don’t just design a bathroom. Design a spa oasis, perfect for relaxing at the end of the day or charging up your morning with a calm and clean restroom.

Shared Space

With two busy working adults sharing a master bathroom, mornings can get a little hectic if space isn’t designed efficiently. You don’t want to be sharing the mirror in the morning when trying to style your hair. We suggest budgeting a little more space in your bathroom design and adding opportunities for privacy and separate space within the master bath. Double vanity sinks, separate closets or storage space and closable doors to sections of the bathroom all create more space for you and your significant other. Another trend we love for shared bathrooms is a separate water closet for two people to be in the room at once without surrendering privacy.

Creative Ways to Add Privacy

If a separate water closet isn’t in the space budget, get creative with other features that add privacy. A half-wall can be just enough to create privacy or use storage features like cabinets to build a wall that still serves a function. There are so many ways to create a little extra space for yourself, get creative! A seasoned design professional can help you make sure the room not only looks beautiful but is perfectly efficient for your needs.

Easy-to-clean Surfaces

You know what isn’t relaxing? Spending hours scrubbing scum marks and grime out of the shower and tub in the bathroom. Design your bathroom keeping all the time you’ll spend in there in mind. Use easy-to-clean surfaces, allow yourself enough room to comfortably get in the small spaces to make the bathroom sparkle from top to bottom. All of the materials you choose should work together to create not only a beautiful design but a low-maintenance design as well.

Separate Shower and Tub

A trend we love in custom home bathrooms is a separate shower and tub. With young ones in the home, you are going to want a spacious tub for bath time in the evenings. Plan around a growing family or be the house the entire family comes to for holidays. Make sure there is a restroom easily accessible on each level of your house and give guest rooms an add-on bathroom to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Rotating Wall Feature

This is a feature we hadn’t seen before, but love the idea. This rotating partial wall creates rooms to utilize the space how you need it to each and every moment. You can create a cozy cocoon for a leisurely bath, or open it up to the rest of the bathroom for an all-out spa experience.

rotating walls in a bathroom

Frosted Glass and Window Treatments

Natural light is a must in the bathroom for making sure you look great and are prepared for the day ahead. Choosing the perfect window and window treatment is critical in bringing in the light. But think very carefully about how you place windows and what treatment you apply. If you live close to neighbors or on a busy street, be sure your treatment prevents people outside looking in. The placement of the window can limit how much is seen from the outside while allowing light in through small, slim windows high on the wall. Another option is window treatments. You can use frosted glass or go for something less permanent like fabric window shades. 

Hunter Douglas blinds in a bathroom

When it comes to the bathrooms in your home, think comfort first. These are just a few ways to add privacy and comfort to the bathroom, but scheduling a meeting with a design professional will help merge your preferred design style with the functionality of a well-designed bathroom. Can you already imagine sinking into a hot bath after a long day of work? Let’s get started!

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