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Right now in homes across America, coats line entryway coat racks, wet boots sit inside the door, drying out before the next trek through the snow, and hats and gloves litter laundry rooms, dumped off by kids running in and out of the house on cold blustery days. Okay, we all know the headaches of cold weather and despite our best efforts, the home gets a little cluttered during the cold weather seasons. So how do we cut the clutter and keep homes feeling like an oasis of tranquility after a busy and stressful day? Minimalism.

What is a Minimalistic Design?

For many people, minimalism is as much of a lifestyle choice as it is a design aesthetic. Marked by clean lines, bright open rooms, and clutterless design, this look isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy the feeling of minimal design there is a lot we can do to help. You might be asking yourself, how in the world am I supposed to run a household with kids and still accomplish the sleek, modern look of minimalism? Well, the right design and tools will keep your home looking effortlessly organized and peaceful.

What Are the Characteristics of Minimalism?

To get started, let’s look at the main characteristics and traits of a minimalist design. We want to be clear here, minimalism is both an architectural style and interior design style, so keep that in mind as you start designing your custom home with these traits.

  1. Simplicity in form and function – No extra frills, no superfluous design, this trait of minimalist homes leans on the natural beauty of a functional home without excess.
  2. Uncomplicated cladding and wall finishes – We recommend natural colors, textures, and materials to accomplish the feeling of peace and simplicity.
  3. Clean, open, light-filled space – Plenty of natural light is another staple of minimalistic design. When we start planning the home, we will think strategically about the best window placement for optimal light.
  4. Simple detailing devoid of decoration – While this is a cornerstone of minimalistic design, we do like to note here there is a lot you can do in decorating a space that shows some personality without overwhelming the space.
  5. Strategic use of materials for visual interest, texture, and personality – Much like the rule of simple detailing, this strategic use of texture adds a high level of personality without losing the minimal feeling.
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How Would You Design Your Minimalistic Home?

These guidelines help us achieve the minimalistic look, but the specific finishes, form, and layout are up to you! Minimalism doesn’t have to be soulless, there are plenty of opportunities to add your own personality and style. If you love the minimalistic look or have another design look in mind,our team of professional designers is here ready to make your custom home dreams come true! We can’t wait to help you plan the perfect home to enjoy time with family, friends, and loved ones.

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